Jamaica: Day 8 & 9

Sat. (7/18): Beach day - Seven Mile Beach in Negril. One of the top 20 beaches in the world. My camera died in the morning & I forgot to charge the extra battery. Oops. 

Check out Doug's farmer tan!! Photo by Sara VanWinkle.

Just like it sounds: we lounged on the beach all day.

At night we had dinner at a resort and debriefed the whole trip. We took a lot of pics, sang some karaoke & headed back to Sandy Bay for bed.
Ridiculously good looking people.

Sun. (7/19): We woke up at 8:00am & packed. We ate breakfast, said goodbye to the cooks, took a few last pictures & boarded the bus for the last time to head to the airport in Montego Bay. We had a layover in Memphis and were in Detroit at 9:30pm...
Photo by "Kevin, the Artist."


  1. Rae, your trip sounds phenominal! What an impact you have made in Jamaica! And it seems like it has really impacted you too! I love your photos! I'm thankful your heart was touched! Love you!

  2. playing major catch up on the blog reading. love your beach getup, you little hottie. glad you had such a great trip.