intense swinging

This little girl had this focused/annoyed look on her face anytime you put her on a swing, but she hated getting off the swing.

Also, please notice the saggy underwear of the little girl I'm holding toward the end of the video...


Also, some of you may have heard through the Bannister Family Rumor Mill - we are moving. Last Monday night we had a(n?) opossum in our bedroom, which was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Say what you will about us changing apartments like you change your underwear, but we're out of here on August 25th. We're moving about 2 blocks away - just another step in our plan to take over Old Village Plymouth!


  1. that sweet little girl that jumps into your arms just breaks my heart.

  2. For real? When small woodland creatures enter the home, it's time to move.

  3. oh.
    in your bedrooooom???
    that's enough to move to ny if you ask me. 2 blocks is simply not far enough.
    now i'm probly gonna have nightmares tonight.

  4. we just read about an opossum being in the bedroom at the cabin we stayed in pennsylvania! what is the deal?!
    i'm with marla - moving back to ny sounds safest.