love & devotion

Today is my parents' 27th anniversary!

Here are some fun stories about my parents - some my memories, some theirs:

-My parents met at Cornell, where my Mom & her girlfriends lived in the apartment above Dad & his friends.
-When my dad was wooing my mom, he would bake her treats and write her notes on the napkin.
-My mom and her friends used to steal packages that Grandma sent Dad, because they knew they contained cookies!
-After they got married, my parents lived in Sodus, NY with their awesome dog, Sukie.
-Three years after they got married, my mom told my dad that she was pregnant (with me!), and my dad started jumping up and down in excitement.
-When I was approximately 10 (give or take a couple years), I remember a specific instance where my dad came in from doing farm work and had picked a bouquet of wildflowers for my mom.
-Throughout the summer, on "Mom's Monday Off," she would often walk to wherever my dad was out working, with a canteen full of ice water for him.
-Mom's birthday is a few days before Dad's. A year or two ago, Dad presented my mom with a quirky Star Trek card, and when she opened it, she was really confused -- because she had purchased the same card for his birthday!
-When I was in high school, our church started a Saturday night service, and my parents led worship for it. I loved seeing them leading praises together.
-My parents are just an awesome team. They are both really hard workers, and watching them collaborate on various farm projects is always neat - even in the midst of frustrating, blazing hot days plotting out an orchard when your teenage daughter drives the 4-wheeler into the pond.
-One evening at dinner when I was young, my dad was blessing the meal and thanked God for his children, and "especially" his "sweet, dolly wife" - I realized, "My dad loves my mom more than us kids!" I interrogated him about this seemingly unfair favoritism, and he told me I'd understand one day when I got married. True.

Mom & Dad -
Thank you so much for being an example of a loving, Christ-centered marriage. Your devotion to one another and willingness to work through trials (read: your five children) is inspiring. Now that I'm married, I appreciate even more everything you've taught me, both in your instruction and through your lives.
I love you guys so much. Happy 27th anniversary!


  1. I really enjoyed reading that. It's amazing how much your parents love one another! I don't know them, or you for that matter, but it was still touching to read. :)

  2. It was even funnier when they opened the card at the same time and the voiced matched!

  3. Oh! I'm so glad you found our blog! I was wondering what happened to your Facebook...

    Aaron and I eloped last July [we're still doing a "big" wedding this fall] and kept it secret until about February [our families knew]. Thanks to the Air Force we didn't really have an option... Ha.

    How are you and Doug doing? I love looking at your photos. I'm so glad you have a special photo blog.

  4. 01. totally adorable. i think i might go cry.
    02. sukie!!!
    03. did i mention adorable??
    04. the star trek card - freakin amazing!
    05. 4-wheeler in the pond?! i want this whole story [in person, of course.]
    06. i love your parents.
    07. your new header rocks. [i can't ever remember the fancy word you use.]
    08. xo.

  5. Made me cry...at school...when I hould have been grading. What a touching tribute. I hope Eli will someday have similar sentiments. :)

    Oh, and I agree with Marla...love the new masthead.

    Oh, and I'm halfway through Moby Dick...it's my white whale!

  6. Very sweet. It made me think a book that we studied in a mom's group last year. The first chapter focused on the relationship between husband and wife and said that it is the most important relationship in parenting--even more important than the relationship with your children. That was kind of a revelation to me, but very true. I see this truth echoed in your words!