weekend update!

What a great weekend it's been! Doug & I declared this weekend as our "date weekend" since it's been forever since we've had a weekend with just the 2 of us. Friday night we did our "urban camping" - always fun "getting away" in your backyard! Saturday we spent the morning at a park about 30 miles away, then when it started raining we went to an outlet mall for some sweet deals. We watched Australia last night, which was a lot quirkier than I was anticipating, but I enjoyed it. I'm in love with the little boy, "Nullah," in that movie, as usual. 

Today the weather was glorious. We went for a walk after church and then sat outside reading for awhile. I finished Franny & Zooey a bit ago, and I started Absalom, Absalom! today. We'll see whether I finish it or not...

This afternoon we had a bowl-a-thon for the Jamaica mission trip, which was pretty fun. My first game was pretty bad, but I bowled around 115 the second game (which is quite the accomplishment for me). After one of my turns, I had one pin standing, and a woman bowling with us was like, "Uh oh! You know what they say about leaving up the 5-pin!" I replied, "No, what's that?" She smiled wickedly and said, "You're gonna get pregnant!" I'm really confused as to the correlation, but if that's the case, Doug & I will have to send out another support letter to our family & friends!

One last, random thought: on Friday, one of my [15-year old male] students asked me what a "cross-dresser" was. Awesome.


  1. girl-the 5 pin is referring to the number 5. if you look at it just so, it resembles a woman who is about five months pregnant. the circle of the five is her belly and the flat part on the top is the pregnant lady bowing her head, b/c she is sad that she's pregnant.

  2. you are so right... either that, or she bowled a really bad game.