spring colors...

I'm admittedly not a flashy person, especially when it comes to clothing. I'm a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl, and typically the only jewelry I wear is my engagement & wedding rings and a pair of earrings. Since I started making jewelry, I've taken to wearing the occasional necklace or larger earrings, but on the whole, I'm pretty low key. 

My color palette for clothing is usually natural tones: browns, black, grey, white - maybe a dark blue on occasion. Well, spring brings out the the brighter side of Rachel, and my wardrobe changes pretty dramatically - kind of like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. An icy, windy, bitterly cold cocoon that I like to call WINTER. 

Today I wore a yellow shirt to school. A bright yellow shirt. I cannot believe the compliments I received on this shirt! Several female teachers commented on it, several teenaged girls squealed about it... and one male student walked into the room, took one look at me and announced very matter-of-factly, "You look like a highlighter." 

I wish I had a neon pink shirt to wear tomorrow...


  1. That would be priceless.
    And who knows, a neon green shirt for the day after that!

  2. a panek's pickin patch shirt... :) the old ones! HOT
    love, Ariel!

  3. nothing like a high school boy to boost your self esteem.