quiet weds. night

Progress: Doug has been gone for about 35 hours, and I haven't been scared or locked myself out yet! Baby steps toward adulthood.

After snowing yesterday, it was about 50 degrees here today. Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 57 degrees. That is ALMOST 60. 

We watched Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night - it's possibly in my top 5 movies. The girl in the movie, Freida Pinto, is possibly the most beautiful person in the world.

My friend & co-sponsor, Marisa, had her baby today! I went to visit her and got to see Brenden Kristopher at the tender age of 5 hours - he is perfect & absolutely adorable.

Song of the moment: "Lucky" by Jason Mraz, featuring Colbie Caillat. 

Monday was Opening Day for baseball - Doug & I celebrated with hotdogs, as per our annual tradition. I made Doug use the grill - outside in the snow.

I might get a classroom fish.

Tomorrow is my last day of school before Easter break. I'm gonna go make trifle to celebrate. 


  1. What is a co-sponsor?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I am one of the "sponsors" of the freshman class (i.e. advisors), and Marisa is the other one; thus - "co-sponsor."

  3. i was thinking co-sponsor as in your AA sponsor's partner; thus - "co-sponsor".

    d tizz

  4. t-time,
    don't blow my cover!

  5. p-time,
    aha! i knew it. i foibled (follied? tin-foil? foiled? fluted? faked? freaked?) you into admitting you attend AA.

    ps - my word is "flate". PERFECT!

    so...i flated you?? hmm.

  6. I love that song...I always try to master the harmony true nerd style...I can't believe I admitted that on the Internet.

  7. nerd like, glasses & pocket protector?
    or nerd like pharrell?
    or, i guess, nerd like the little boxes of candy?