good things

1. s'more pop tarts - seriously & completely deserving of the #1 spot.

2. the color yellow!

3. the intentionally-wrong-word game with one deborah a. townley, even via email

4. being done grading essays*
*with the exception of those brilliant, precious lovelies who decided not to use either footnotes or parenthetical references, so i'll have to grade those papers once they turn them back in with said citations!

5. how green the grass is after it rains all day

6. listening to old mix cds and re-discovering old beloved tunes

7. mentally creating a movie of my life & brainstorming the soundtrack. possibly to be a blog post at a later date.

8. running at doug and knowing he'll catch me regardless of which way my limbs go

9. 33 days until summer vacation

10. okay, i admit it. seeing those somewhat zombie-like, yet still smiling bundles of excessive juvenile hormones at 7:40am on a miserably rainy monday morning. 


  1. I'm configured...don't you mean the ineligible-wrong-word game?

    love you girl,

  2. 2. you give me hope there will be color in wny sooooon!
    6. YESSSSS!!! i just wrote a whole blog about this. our brains must be connected today.
    7. i've never thought about a movie of my life, but i do often think about everyone breaking out in song/dance like a musical. and i think of sweet moves.

  3. I have also done #7, it is interesting. Plus, I like to pick the movie stars who would me/people in my life. So fun!