i hate to say it, but...

Told you so. 

Just a little "Happy Valentine's Day, suckers!" from Mother Nature.


  1. Pretty! :)

    I love your header, too.

  2. Hi, Rachel! Just saw your comment on my blog (yah! someone reads it) A couple of weeks ago I went searching for you on the ol' FB and noticed that you were no long there... good for you! It is truly a time-suck; I've been contemplating the idea myself. Oh yea, that whole marriage thing.. I'll have some photos soon-promise. Also, the reason I was looking for you was to tell you that I am working on a project right now for the state of MI. It's a 3rd grade social studies textbook... I know that you're a teacher, but wasn't sure what grade level or subject... Hope all is well. Sam and I love your blog :) Very witty, intelligent and humorous!

  3. hey, question. i just bought a dslr, and am trying to get to the bottom of this question, to which ive heard different answers to: do you know if you have to have a high speed memory card in your camera to keep the picture quality, or does it only really affect recording speed?