putting the cool in sc[h]ool

School has started back up with a vengeance, and I have no life. Right now I have a cake in the oven that I'm baking for the January birthdays at PCA, because I accidentally signed up for my own birthday month to bring treats. Why? I don't know.

Random things that have happened in the past week:
-I learned more than I ever wanted to about one of my students' blue belly button lint.
-I have had at least 3 male students ask about my "hot 15-year old sister."
-I missed Jeanette's baby shower because of all the snow on Saturday. I'm sorry, Jeanette. I have a killer gift for you & Master P, too.
-Quote of the week: "I can totally see Mrs. Parton with a butcher's knife..." - in reference to the practice Lock-Down we'll be having later this week.
-Our youth group started a dodgeball league for 6 weeks during the winter, in which some of my students also play. The first night was last Thursday. It is AWESOME. 

-I jokingly told one of my students to get me a Jamocha shake at Arby's... and he did.
-I finally finished grading all the short stories. 
-I made grilled cheese sandwiches for the first time ever. 
-I realized today that there are 91 days of class left in the school year, which is blowing my mind.
-Our hot water keeps going in & out. This morning was my first hot shower in a week.
-A student accidentally told me to shut up today. He was telling another student to shut up, then began to ask me a question, but forgot to pause, so it came out: "Shut up Mrs. Parton! Oh my gosh, I mean..." (I wasn't even talking, otherwise I would have been more suspicious...)
-I made another student sit in the corner with his face to the wall on Friday. 
-I gave out my 3rd detention of the semester today. I gave out 2 detentions last semester. I am on a roll. I told my students my New Year's resolution was to be mean. I don't think they believe me.


  1. I can't believe you have never made grilled cheese sandwiches before, I also think we should have a craft day sometime, my jan is filling up also, we should plan ahead for feb. Also, I think I forgot to comment on it but I really loved your near-arrest mall blog. (ps my word verification is colon)

  2. I love the New Year's resolution. I would not want to get on your bad side... although I feel like I was once (for "ditching" you and Christy during May term) and my facebook wall was flooded with mean things. Mean, mean things.... Okay so I just looked at those old posts, May 23, 2006. Made me laugh, a lot. Good times friend.

  3. how did you survive all these years without grilled cheese??
    [and back off boys, or you'll have ME to deal with...and uncle rog. booya.]

  4. i can't believe you just made grilled cheese for the first time!! i make quite a few a week for the little man...he loves "cheesey-toast".
    and what is with your hot water? shouldn't your landlord be doing something about that? cold showers in the winter cannot be fun.