my mind's a whirlwind lately

So, I'm stealing an idea from my friend Sara (I finally met her in person, so I can officially call her my friend), where she does a blog post in 5 minutes or less


My blog.
I'm totally bored with it. I feel like I never post anything substantial anymore, because all I do is teach. I don't want to write about my job, even though I love it & adore my students because 1. there's a link to my blog on my facebook & I'm friends with several of my students (if you're one of them & you're reading this, quit reading & finish your essay), 2. I don't want to get fired, 3. I talk school all day everyday, so I feel like my blog should be about something else. That being said....

Oh my word, some days my kids can be amazing.

Confession: I'm totally a jealous person! I know it is largely unmerited, and it's an ugly characteristic - I know it. I'm working on it. It's not really materialistic jealousy (exception: stupid Crewcuts - why is a 5 year old dressed better than I am?!); rather, I suffer from what I call relational jealousy. Read: when my beloved friends & family get to spend time together doing fun things & I'm in Michigan looking on, I get jealous. Clarification: I do not begrudge anyone their time together doing fun things... I'm just lonely for all of you & sometimes I worry [unnecessarily] that I'll be on the sideline at family get-togethers. Single tear, get me a tissue, blah blah. I'm over it - just affirm me, people! And don't forget about me.

Book of the month.
Holy cow! Remember when I used to do that? Let me think - September I basically re-read The Great Gatsby & Great Expectations while teaching, along with continuing my drudge through Moby Dick; October I read The Crucible (again) with my juniors and continued my drudge through Moby Dick; and throughout November I've read lots of essays and projects and continued my drudge through Moby Dick. I think at this point I'm averaging a chapter a month. 

Is it possible? I think I feel excited by this snow! (Ask me about it in March.)

Story of my life. Speaking of which, it's 4:42 - I'm at 6 minutes, which kinda ruins the purpose of "5 minutes or less." Gotta go.


  1. your blog
    i love. you take amazing pictures and you're a talented writer. don't doubt.
    i bet your students think they have the coolest & hottest teacher ever.
    i feel your pain, after a couple years i couldn't handle it anymore and moved home. i recommend it! but even if you don't, there will always be an empty spot in the circle that can only be filled by you, so don't fret.
    book of the month
    i have so many books i want to read, i just end up being overwhelmed and reading none. i read your blog instead.
    it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

  2. Five minutes? eff that. It takes me hours, if not an entire day to write a decent post: mostly because I have undiagnosed ADD and if I sit too long trying to write something worthwhile, it comes out as crap. I need to get up and do something else ... which I have done just in writing this comment (I did the dishes, cleaned the toilet [after using it] and threw a basket of laundry upstairs for Jinah to fold and put away and if she asks me why I didn't do it, I'll say it's because I had to sit back down and finish writing a comment on Rachel's blog [yes she knows who you are].)

  3. Hey Rae!
    I completely understand your feelings of homesickness. Sometimes I secretly hope my family won't tell me about gatherings so I don't have to wish I was there :) And we TOTALLY have to plan a get together. I (seriously) think about you every day and wonder what you're up to and whether "now" would be a good time to call - clearly I always think you must be up to something since I rarely call you...my apologies. And, did I mention we have GOT to plan a get together? I miss you like crazy. Will you be here for thanksgiving? We just need to see each other at times other than holidays too and plan a fun excursion and play scattergories like the good ole days and laugh about silly things. I miss you like crazy and why have we not (truly it should be I not) prioritized getting together with you since we're only 4 hours apart? I miss you like crazy! So, enough rambling...we just seriously need to chat!