... i should be sleeping like a log

For real, people?
My classroom is adorable! Compliment me. 
(Thanks to Marla for the only positive feedback I got!) 

I had the terrible realization that this is the first year since I've been able to eat solid food that I haven't had an Excelsior Peach. I was wallowing in self-pity last night as I was crunching on a disgusting store-bought peach (I know! Loathsome!). 

Um, have I told you yet that I love my job? My students are amazing. I haven't gotten cussed out yet, I haven't had to break up any fights, I haven't seen any gunshot wounds... my only complaint is that these students aren't providing exciting enough blog fodder! (Joke!) Well, I did threaten to make one boy sit in the corner with his face to the wall if he didn't stop talking.

Warning: slight outpouring of heart's emotions ahead.
Last Friday, as I was looking around at my students while they were working diligently, I felt my heart just swelling - that kind of, I-hope-no-one-is-looking-at-me-because-I-have-a-ridiculous-smile-on-my-face-and-I-just-love-you-guys-so-much! type smile. I leave for work at 7:00 every morning and I usually don't get home until 5:00 - so I'm putting in 10 hour days regularly. Plus, when I get home, I do even more grading and lesson planning (sometimes I also make dinner for my husband). In addition, I'm involved in 2 small groups, I'm going to start leading another small group next week, and I'm in Imprint.

So (if you'll bear with me & allow me to share a personal moment from my real journal with you), as I wrote on Friday night: "I'm exhausted, I feel like my brain might desert my body --- but I've never felt more alive."

Aaaaand I'm off tomorrow morning to spend 38 hours straight with my beloved students at their Spiritual Life Retreat!


  1. Rachel! I love your classroom, so cute. Feel better now? Have fun at your retreat. Love you lots!

  2. Hey Rae! I do love your classroom...I believe my exact words were "Aww, that's where Rae spends her day!" (like the poetry? :-)) Thanks for telling me about a typical day! I can TOTALLY relate to your feelings of absolute craziness yet never feeling more alive - that is TOTALLY how I feel!

    God is good! Love ya!

  3. i am always a slow commenter. i am so sorry. i love your classroom. my favs are the purple door and the "clock" wall. looks superb. i can just smell the freshly sharpened pencils.
    and it kinda makes me want to play school...if only lincoln were old enough...