2229 miles away...

It's funny to think that if I hadn't flown across the ocean 2 years ago, I wouldn't have met one of my best friends. My first night in Oxford, I remember telling Doug on the phone that I didn't think I would have "a best friend over here" - I thought I would just get along with everyone, but really just do my own thing. 

Megan proved me wrong.

Within a few days, we were inseparable. 

We signed up for as many of the same lectures as we could, 

vetoed the popular option of buying bus tickets so we could walk downtown every day, 

ate Pret for every lunch (and sometimes dinner too), 

braved perilous bike paths together, 

trucked through Italy (not too bad, babies!), 

navigated the streets of London, 

took confusing, too upclose pictures of ourselves...

... the stars were aligned.

So, my dear little friend Megan, from across the miles, know that I'm thinking about you & wishing you a very happy 23rd birthday. I love you!


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