week at home

As I wrote before, I spent a week with my family after finding out about Emily's benign tumor. An update on that situation: Emily goes in for surgery on Friday morning. She's expected to stay in the hospital for a couple days while she recovers. Thank you for your continued prayers for her and my family.

The week at home was incredible. It was the perfect amount of relaxation, work, fun, chores & family time. Unfortunately, Doug had to work, so he wasn't able to spend the whole week with us, but he did drive out for the 4th of July.

Probably one of the most exciting events of the week was the arrival of my family's new puppy - Excelsior's Little Lady, or "Elly". She arrived on Monday night (6/30) all the way from Kansas. 

Her brother was with her as well, and when I first saw 2 puppies, I had a split second surge of hope that Dad had gotten one for me & Doug, but unfortunately, the brother was on his way to Long Island.

Pretty much how I spent the majority of the week...

On Tuesday night (7/1), I ventured over to Victoria's to see the new paint job in the kitchen and make some strawberry jam!

Dad pronounced the consistency "perfect"! Naturally.

On Thursday night, we had Potluck n' Pies at Nesbitt pond, for which I made 2 pies, 1 cobbler and mac n' cheese.

This brings us up to the 4th of July Festivities, which I'll have to write about in another post. I'm off to the first night of my summer writing class!


  1. ohh, praying for my birthday buddy em.
    and those pies, um i think i just drooled a little bit. we sure know how to do a potluck! [word verification coming up: i think i can, i think i can]

  2. that puppy is sooo cute!! i'm glad you had a good week at home. it was great to see you, as always!

  3. How did Emily do? Praying for her!