peaches & greens

Yesterday Doug & I joined a few other members of Imprint and headed to Detroit to work on Peaches & Green. Peaches & Greens is headed up by the Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC). Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me, but thankfully our friend Heather took hers - these are a couple of her pictures:

Side of the building - it used to be a dry cleaner.

Kevin, Doug & me, building the bathroom.

Doug being hot & strong...

Slowly, but surely.

Here are some facts from research that Heather presented at our meeting on Friday night:
-Detroit has no national chain supermarkets.
-No other major city in the US has such a "food desert" as Detroit.
-A majority of the city's residents rely on convenience stores for food necessities.

For more information, read this article in the Detroit News.

It was a pretty hot and tiring day, but it felt so good to know that we are contributing to something that is such a huge need in Detroit. 

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  1. You are such a beast, standing in the background! By the way I updated my blog!