jack johnson

Last night, Doug & I ventured to northern metro-Detroit to watch Jack Johnson perform. Unfortunately, the Nazi at the gate wouldn't let me bring in my camera, because apparently my lens is considered a "professional set." Whatever - he had no idea what he was talking about.

You would think, seeing that it was June 18th, that it would have been the perfect summer evening concert. Not so, my friends. For here in Michigan, we love to boast of 59 degree evenings in the midst of what should be prime summer weather. I have a feeling that it's not often Jack Johnson has outdoor concerts where people are wearing jackets and huddling in blankets.

Regardless, Jack put on an awesome show. I was relieved that his voice live is exactly the same as on the albums. He played "Constellations," which is one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs ever - with a sweet guitar solo and a gorgeous piano accompaniment. 

Here are some observations:
Number of men with unkempt hair wearing rolled up bandanas: 124
Number of times Jack Johnson dropped his pick: 2
Number of girls wearing flowy Bohemian shirts with tight-leg jeans: 876
Number of 40-year-old women wearing Roxy wedges: 1
Number of people wearing flip flops: total attendance minus 95
Number of 4-year-old boys wearing homemade "Jack & Me" t-shirts who said "HI!" to me: 1
Number of holes in jeans: 8312
Number of people wearing socks under sandals: 2
Number of middle-aged mothers dressed too young and dancing: at least 12
Number of lighters swayed during slow songs: 371
Number of cell phones swayed during slow songs: 839

Despite it being a fun time and praiseworthy performance, I've discovered that I'm not really a "concert" girl. I mean, under the right conditions, there are a lot of performers I'd love to see live. However, many of these are highly unrealistic. Here are my top ideal concerts, in no particular order:

-Jack Johnson: acoustic, on a secluded beach in Hawaii. Only about 15-20 people in the "crowd," which would just be people lounging on beach towels. No one would sing along. It would be about 78 degrees and there would be a light breeze. Also, fruity drinks. Girls must be wearing either bathing suits or cute sundresses/skirts. Boys must be wearing swimming trunks or just khaki shorts. No close-toed shoes allowed. Flip flops scarcely permitted. Time: sunset.

-Radiohead: in an old, worn down building (but structurally safe, of course) in Manhattan. Lots of people. Loud, jumping, but minimal moshing. I would wear a black t-shirt, jeans and my Vans rip-off shoes from WalMart. Time: 12am

-John Mayer: acoustic, in a slightly smoky lounge. 50 people max. I don't know what I'm wearing, but it's undoubtedly understated but cute, and I'm sitting at a booth. Time: 10pm

-Coldplay: in an old church in Chicago. No pews, though - they've long since been removed. A lot of people, but less than at the Radiohead show. I would be wearing some hip shirt with a message of love or peace or environmental consciousness, jeans, and probably those buddy slides again. Time: 10pm

-Damien Rice: gardens at Dublin Castle. Lots of people with blankets in the courtyard. I'm wearing something totally Euro-chic that I could never get away with in the U.S. It's a little overcast, naturally. Time: 7pm.

So if anyone finds tickets to any of those shows, let me know.


  1. nice imagery painted in your ideal concert descriptions. i especially appreciate that you did not neglect to inform about your attire. the jack one sounds hippest to me. i like the no singing along part. i too, am not a huge concert person as much as i love music. so, i can relate. i also appreciated your "buddy" reference. you've really made this your own and soared with it. good on ya. i would lastly like to mention that perhaps one overlooked concent would be some camp songs with a little hedgehog in the front row, clapping...vigorously. time: early evening. your attire: jeans and a pinnacle staff shirt.

  2. those seem like the elusive concerts in which tickets can only be won on a radio show. good luck in your quest!

  3. Hooray for Jack Johnson. I've always wanted to know since I graced my ears with the melodious stylings of Mr. Johnson, were there a lot of people blazing up at the concert. Just wondering.
    I will attend the Radiohead and Coldplay concerts with you, and you must attend the Sufjan Stevens concert with me that will be held, um...in my living room. :)

  4. Sorry I messed up the punctuation on the question I asked you. Wow.

  5. staggering statistics...you have mad counting skills! ;)
    your concert wishlist: amazing.
    justin is watching john mayer on youtube as i read your blog. he also refers to mr. mayer as 'my daddy', so perhaps we'll join you at that concert.
    when i read your coldplay description, i thought it said an orange church in chicago...maybe you should clarify the church color? ha. xo.

  6. Mmmmm...Jack Johnson. She's Norah's favorite, too. Curious George and all that jazz. I'm not a concert-goer either. Note that I was unaccountably absent from all campfire sing fests on the big escarpment.

    Oh wow, though--just had a flashback of you and Victoria doing your mirror-image name-dance routine at Sunset. I'd buy tickets to see that again...