memorial day weekend

What an absolutely beautiful weekend - gorgeous weather, fantastic family & friends, delicious food, lots of laughter, time spent sewing with my favorite crafter ... it was very near perfection.

Saturday we went to Batavia to watch Ethan & Emily in marching band:
Little Em, playing the mellophone (marching French horn)

Ethan on bells... and tambourine, apparently.

Saturday evening, Doug & I went to Katie & Ryan's house for a bonfire with a bunch of friends. It was great to catch up with them and hear about what family friends are up to.

Sunday morning Victoria came over, and she & I went to Gram's and did some sewing. We've got some great plans for the Strawberry Festival! 

That afternoon, Doug & I carpooled with Victoria, Robert & Taylor to Uncle Bob and Aunt Lori's for the traditional Bannister Memorial Day picnic. We were happy to also be celebrating Donna & Bill's engagement! It was a lot of fun - so good to see so many of our relatives. 

Becca, hiding from the camera, with her boyfriend Joe

Cute little Charlie ambles about happily & curiously...

as his adorable little sister, Amelia, is entertained by Victoria (shortly before removing one of the chimes!).

Victoria & Eli share a moment.

Bannister Boys - Ethan, Eli & Robert. They're so hot right now.

Heather's boyfriend, Ralph, with a supremely content LG.

Jayne stalking her unsuspecting prey (most likely a cousin).

Really cute pic of Lynz.

Apparently the red frosting on the cake leaves traces...

This morning, Doug & I went for a walk around the farm to see the new filly. Unfortunately, our walk was cut short by a downpour, which thankfully was brief, and allowed us more time to enjoy the sunshine while at home.

It was so good to see everyone, although these trips to NY are definitely getting expensive with the gas prices. We were rudely greeted back to Plymouth, MI with a sign reading $4.19/gal. Thankfully, the gas station closest to us was $4.06, so we filled up there. Really, what kind of world are we living in when we're thankful to get gas at $4.06?! Sigh... you guys are lucky we love you! :)


  1. Looks like you had a grand weekend. The pictures are great! Sorry I haven't been in touch: been busy with report cards and had a busy weekend myself. Send me an email to remind me to stop being a lazy ass.

  2. what a cute baby horse. on the way to mikes dads house, we was buffalo and baby buffalo (i am sure they have a name, but i dont know what it is)! looks like you guys had a great weekend, too! i am missing you at work already. i decided to stay with "the ladies" and just moved vickis stuff over, and took over your desk! much sunnier and roomier!

  3. um, i love a lot about this post...
    1. elgie's smile!
    2. the bannister dudes
    3. frosting tongue
    4. me and e

    see you again soon!!! :)