increasingly mundane.

Some random things that have happened in my life since my last update:

- I started a new job. I know, WHOA. It all happened really fast, and I feel great about it. I’m actually working in Doug’s office for the summer, although we don’t work together. Doug DID lead my orientation, though. We officially have a secret office romance. Yet another life goal accomplished. Except it's not really a secret when everyone knows you're married. Close enough.

- We had another Imprint meeting. This one was a little better – we had 3 new people! Baby steps.

- I helped paint our friends’ new condo. We saw an amazing rainbow that night, which we decided was God’s blessing on their new home. We also saw a raccoon prowling through their backyard. I’m not really sure what that symbolizes.

- I played piano at church for Youth Sunday. My leg shook during the prelude because I was nervous. I haven’t experienced that in awhile – mostly because I haven’t played in front of anyone in awhile.

- My morning glories are sprouting, my spinach is sprouting, and my chives are continuing to grow. Perhaps my thumb is greener than I originally thought.

- I met my ornament quota goal of 15 for the week. Victoria met her supergoal and made 20. She is amazing.

- I made ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chewy cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. They were incredible.

- We had hot dogs for dinner on Friday, for lunch on Saturday, and for dinner on Sunday. Wow.


  1. You're Jim and Pam (minus the nail biting summer hiatuses (hiatusi?). Congrats!
    I miss you immensely.

  2. I was happy for you and delighted up until you mentioned the hot dogs. THAT made me jealous. Way to not share the hot dogs.

    P.S. No comments about how Koreans eat real dog. That would just be below the belt.

  3. P.P.S. need to change the link in your blog roll: new address is CJ.ESQ http://cj-esq.blogspot.com

  4. i also thought "jim & pam" when i read about your office romance.

    "mmm...that hot dog was good, i think i'll go get me another one". stated by the guy behind us (me & mar) in line to ride the viper at darien-go-lake like 12 years ago.

  5. i am going to need the instructions on how to make that ice cream sandwich. please!