all in a day's work

Pet peeve at work: my mouse cord is perpetually stuck on “something.” Of course, rather than take 5.3 seconds to bend over my desk/table and figure it out, I prefer to scowl at my mouse, hoping it will magically unloose itself out of fear and guilt. Hasn’t happened yet.

Good thing at work: the vending machine has zero chocolate items in it. The vending gods know it’s Lent. What they don’t know is that I ate half a peppermint patty pie from Burker King yesterday before I realized, “Wow! This pie is completely coated in fudge, which definitely classifies as CHOCOLATE. Which I DID give up for Lent.”

Confusion at work: when I enter the women’s bathroom, and the toilet seat in my favorite stall is up. Yes, I have a favorite stall.

Thing I learned at work today: Banana peppers? Delicious!

Things I think at work: “I really wish I could work the word “subterfuge” into a sentence.," and, “I wish I could write half as well as Dooce.”

Perfect way to start the weekend: leave work an hour early because you can't stand being inside when it's that gorgeous outside and drive home in the sunshine to Sufjan's dulcet tones. Drive to local park and take pictures with your husband.


  1. welcome to the banana pepper lovin' world - a must-have on my subs for sure. i may or may not have had to ask google what subterfuge meant. and fyi, i wish i could write half as well as rachel. booya.

  2. haa...i also saw this post and thought i needed to comment on the banana peppers! love them! we are nerds that we commented on that. but, hey, we're bannisters...we take all food very seriously.

  3. I also have a favorite stall at work. . .I will not go in the other one. No particular reason, jsut won't do it.
    As for banana peppers, I love them also! I never had them until I worked at a sub place in high school. Even then, I was afraid to try them. After I did. . .I was hooked.