promise me in the name of God

Yesterday while my husband was at his first grad class (he's just taking one class, he hasn't officially enrolled in a program yet - hopefully next summer!) I was busy at home... looking at puppies online. I don't know what it is, but lately I have been craving a puppy. Motherly instincts? I have no idea, but regardless, I have been begging Doug for a puppy. Unforunately, our lease clearly states: "NO PETS." A girl can still dream. Well, this dream went so far as to email a person selling a "teacup Yorkie" - seriously adorable. I just emailed the person to see how much they would ask for said Yorkie. I received the following email in response:

"I am glad that you are interested in my lovely pup. [...] But right now i am in Africa with my wife on a christian mission and we have her right here with us. we are going to ship her to you via Express Pets Airline on next day delivery after shippment through a shipping agent and she will cost you $500 including shipping and handling fee [...] Please if you know that you are not going to take very good care of my baby do not reply me becuase i am only selling her out becuase we do not have time to take care of her again due to the work before us here."

I simply wrote back: "Unfortunately, your asking price is more than my husband and I are able to afford at this point. [...] We are also Christians, and I think it is an incredible opportunity that you are able to be in Africa on a missions trip. I pray that the Lord will keep you and your wife safe and bless you and those with whom you come in contact."

Maybe I said too much in that response. Maybe I offered too much false hope. Because this is the email I received in response:

"I want you to know that am so happy and excited that you are ready to take very good care of my puppy,I want you to know that i can allow you to pay 300 dollars if you can promise me in the name of God that you will take very good care of her and you will also swear in the name of Lord Jesus Christ as well she will have a good home."

...Whoa. What ever happened to letting your yes be yes?!

So, yet again, I'm left in an awkward position as to how I should respond. We really can't get a puppy right now; I just wanted to know how much it would cost. Should I just be blunt and break this guy's heart by telling him that? Maybe I'll tell him that my husband just developed a strange, deathly allergy to dogs. Dogs, peanuts... same difference. This dog isn't much bigger than a peanut anyway.

If it wasn't against our lease agreement, and you weren't $300 and IN AFRICA, you would totally be ours.


  1. the name itself is stinkin' adorable "teacup yorkie"...the pic is so sweet. what a cutie!!!

  2. Um, I'm pretty sure this is a scam I heard about on the news . . . I'll send you an e-mail about it.