a numbered list of awesome

Top 10 Awesome Things About Today:

10. I took my computer to school & got some much needed lesson planning done during my lunch & prep period... and also during 7th hour, when I had 0 students, and 8th hour, when I had 2 students.

9. I added a cool link to my photoblog! (Much thanks to Sara Luke for her help!)

8. The Office is on tonight! Even if it is a stupid re-run. Stupid writer's strike...

7. Okay, so I actually finished the book 2 days ago, but I forgot to write about it. BUT, I finished my book for the month of January! Abolition of Man, by C. S. Lewis. Very dense & intense, but if it wasn't, it wouldn't be Clive.

6. I mailed the Valentine's Day ornaments to Victoria! (errr... 2 days late)

5. Adorable bud vase that I got at Walmart for 97 cents! (Don't hate me, Jeanette... I know it's one of your pet peeves, and I get annoyed with Walmart too... but sometimes you just can't top their deals!)

4. I made it to school and back in the Honda & I'm still alive. I made it to Walmart and back in Bessie & I'm still alive.*

3. I made it to Walmart on Ford Rd., did my shopping, and got back home in just under an hour! Probably no one reading this blog understands the traffic in Canton (even though I love you, IKEA, you have made driving on Ford Rd. miserable!), but this is a huge accomplishment. I wasn't even rushing while shopping, either!

2. Funniest thing that happened today: I splurged & bought myself a Twix bar tonight, and as I was getting out of the car, I was holding the remaining bar inside the wrapper in my hand, and somehow, as I was maneuvering my purse & trying to open the door & take off my seat belt, I felt the bar falling out of the wrapper. I thought all was lost - half of my money gone to waste... my sweet chocolate sullied by the wet, nasty driveway. Not so fast! Instead of hearing the bar thud by my feet, I heard an odd little clunk - as it fell right into the side pocket of the door!! STILL GOOD! Awesome! I really think it's a gift being impressed & amazed at the tiniest things...

1. Megan is coming TOMORROW!!!

*Status of our vehicles:
1. '97 Honda Accord: Over 200,000 miles. Breaks are going... needs new "rotors" - whatever that means. There is a strange clunking noise whenever you let off the gas, and when you apply the brakes, the vehicle shakes. Heat occasionally squeals, but usually only after you've been driving for 40ish minutes. Front right blinker is out. Cruise control periodically stops working.
2. '94 Chevy Lumina: Over 150,000 miles. Tires are... bald. A/C does not work - in fact, the belt grates and creates smoke if you try. Shocks (I think?) are in need of repair/replacement. Every once in awhile when you hit a bump, or go over railroad tracks (good thing there aren't any in Plymouth...), it sounds like someone is taking a hammer to the bottom of the car. Sporadically stalls out after coming to a complete stop and attempting to accelerate (stop signs, traffic lights, etc).

It really makes driving fun! What can I say - we live dangerously.

Will take best offer on either vehicle...

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