giving thanks.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Doug & I went home to NY and spent a blissfully relaxing time with my favorite people on earth. Sadly, we did not take any family pictures. I did take some pictures of the snow that we got.

Some things I am thankful for:
-Jesus Christ, for more than I could ever begin to list.
-My incredible, loving husband
-My precious family
-My amazing friends
-A job, which keeps me entertained & challenged simlutaneously
-My students, who are teaching me probably more than I'm teaching them
-My health, my body & my mind
-My upbringing
-My education
-The prayers of family & friends
-Our apartment, a bed, blankets & pillows
-Clothing, especially jeans and shoes
-Cameras, to preserve memories
-Many, many other things... which I can't list in a little blog, mostly because right now, something else I'm very, very thankful for is...
-Sleep. :)

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  1. Rachel,

    I noticed your blog on facebook and thought I would get caught up. How about turning your white bulletin board into a word wall? You can punch out letters and list vocab words or frequently misspelled words. You could do book recommendations too (not sure if your kids do much independent reading!).
    Keep up the good work, it sounds like you are very busy!

    -Sarah Allen :)