girl weekend

I just spent an estrogen-laden weekend in a huge house in Traverse City with 14 teenage girls.
It was actually a lot of fun. Our senior high youth group had their Girls/Boys retreat this morning, so Doug & I spent our first weekend apart. While we girls were crafting & eating & giggling in Traverse City, the boys were belching & eating & watching/playing tackle football in a cabin in Cadillac. Oh, and breaking collarbones. Fortunately, the broken collarbone did not belong to my husband.

It was a wonderful weekend. The farmland around Traverse City is beautiful, and the town itself is adorable. Too bad it's almost 5 hours away. So, the house we stayed at was IN-credible. It had 18 beds in 14 bedrooms. A retired couple built this house so their 5 children and their families could all come stay there over the summer. During the winter, they "rent" the house to different church groups for a mere $75 a night. I was thinking the whole Bannister clan should plan a week there! It's right on the lake... absolutely beautiful up there.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!! So excited to come home again & have family time. And possibly some Tea Time with Barbara & Paula...

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