some things never change

The other day I was driving, as I sometimes do. I came to an intersection where I needed to make a left turn onto a 4-lane road. On the opposite side of the intersection, an elderly gentleman on a sweet motorcycle was making a right turn onto the same road. He made his turn first, and I turned immediately after him.
In doing so, I was able to get a good look at this distinguished fellow.
I would estimate that he was around 70 - maybe pushing 75, and he was wearing a biker jacket.
He was also wearing khaki pants. Which obviously hiked up, due to the position one must assume while driving a motorcycle. These hiked up pants revealed white sneakers with black socks.
As if this signature retiree look was not enough to make me smile, after making his turn... his blinker stayed on... and remained on until he made another right turn out of my vision and out of my life.

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