verdict's in...

I AM a pushover. Sad, but true.

No, I did not quit on Wednesday evening, as promised.
I typed up the letter and took it with me.
But then I started thinking about my students...
And I started feeling bad about leaving management in a bind.

Yet, being there also strengthened my resolve to quit.
I only decided that I need to have another job lined up before I quit (I know, genius).

So, I overheard an office argument.
It may seem like I was eavesdropping, but the walls there are seriously like paper, and the manager and assistant were practically screaming at eachother. Conversation as follows:
Manager: Hey, I have to do an evaluation tomorrow [Thurs], so I need you to come in on Friday.
Asst: No, I have that day off because of the dress rehearsal for my sister's wedding.
Manager: Yeah, but I was going to take Thursday off so I could cover for you Friday and Saturday, but I can't work Thursday through Saturday, so I need you to come in on Friday now."
Asst: "No. I have had this day off since August 8. It's for my sister's wedding rehearsal. I have to be there.
Manager: "No, you had Saturday cleared. It's just the dress rehearsal - you don't really need to be there do you?"
Asst: "Um, yes."
Manager: "Well, I have to call -boss- and discuss this with him."
[Storms into other room]
Did I mention that I was playing piano while waiting for a student and still heard all this?
So the manager returns after awhile. Before the manager can say anything the assistant blurts out...
Asst: "Why did you ask -boss- if I could be replaced?"
Manager: "I didn't say that."
Asst: "Yes, yes you did. I just heard you through the wall."
Manager: "Well, -boss- mentioned a few things. I don't have a problem with you. To be honest, -boss- was just saying that you've asked for several Saturdays off, and he and -other boss- are just a little annoyed because they thinks you're taking advantage of them."
Asst: "I didn't get any of those requested days off, either. But I'm not bi***ing about it, because it's my job. However, I DID have this whole weekend off because it is my sister's wedding!"
Manager: "I understand that, but the wedding is on Saturday. And now I have to cancel plans on Thursday night because I have to come into work on Friday."
[Leaves room, and of course, one of my students arrives after the fact.]

Blissfully, I had Thursday off.

Today I had a lesson at noon, after which the manager asked if I would mind staying for a "few minutes" to watch the phone, as -boss- had asked him to run to the post office and do a "few other errands." Pushover that I am, I said "No problem." Interestingly enough, -boss- called not long after the manager left and was quite surprised to hear me answer the phone. I was very tempted to tell him, "Oh, -manager- just stepped out - he was running the errands you asked him to do." Just wanted to see what the response would be. But, pushover that I am, I did not rat out the manager, but took a message.

I had another lesson tonight at 6:30. I arrived early, and during that time, the manager told me about my lessons tomorrow. The first one is a girl whose parents are super annoyed because they wanted to start lessons like, 2 months ago, but there wasn't a piano teacher. So the manager thinks they're going to come to this lesson all ticked off and "probably scrutinize your teaching - so, just try to be extra kind and really do your best job teaching." Ummm, 1. I am severely uncomfortable with being their last effort to retain this student. 2. Do my best job teaching?!? As if I slack off on the others??? Argh. THEN - my other lesson tomorrow is an "intro" lesson, which is a free lesson given to prospective students to try to lure them in. And since they don't charge the student, guess who doesn't get paid for that lesson? Yep. Me.

Sorry that the last two posts have been so whiny, but I really hate this job. As soon as I find a new job, I am really quitting. It's just depressing to think that in the Michigan market, that might not be for at least a month...

In other news, I have the best husband in the world, who got me flowers and ice cream tonight to comfort me after I had a tiny little emotional break down over not having a real job.

On a happy note, I'm pretty sure my tutorial class is almost wrapped up, as I received a bill from Spring Arbor today for my "summer class." That means that I am at least registered, and hopefully receiving a grade any day!! Ah, the little things in life... like getting my diploma.


  1. hi. i miss u. want me to come help* with those piano school meanies? (see e-mail for *)

  2. does your boss own a 'best boss in the world' mug from Spencer's gifts? If so, you should steal it.

    (Office allusion)