Everyday Heroes...

I completely forgot to publicly boast about my valiant act of two days ago!

I was driving home from a day of training in Detroit, when suddenly, I noticed that something was on fire on the median of I-96 W. I was in the left lane, i.e. the lane closest to the imminent danger, so I quickly merged into the middle lane. As I approached, I realized... it is a flaming mattress.

Two questions immediately come to mind.
1. WHY is a mattress on fire?
2. WHY is a mattress - on fire - in the middle of a highway?
Wait, 3. WHO put the mattress - on fire - in the middle of the highway?!

Oh, Detroit, you never fail to amuse.

Anyway, so I made the first 9-1-1 call of my life & reported a burning mattress! I am confident that, in doing so, I saved several lives and secured my status as an American hero.

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