Beyonce a fiance?

I just logged into Yahoo! to check my email, and I saw an article that said: "Jay-Z hints at wedding to Beyonce." Okay, now, introducing a family member to your "fiance, Beyonce" is kind of hilarious, but I really hope they get married. I don't really follow celebrity romances beyond the headlines I see in the grocery store, but if I had to pick a favorite celebrity couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce would definitely be it. They just remind me so much of me & Doug...

Anyway, so Doug & I had a lovely Labor Day weekend, and we DID end up "camping out" on our deck Saturday night!

It was really fun! Nice, cool night, but not too cold. Lots of stars out too.

My piano lessons have been going well. I have 6 students so far, and probably more this upcoming week.

I haven't updated in a few days because Doug & I rented SEASON 3 of THE OFFICE!!!! And since it was a 2-day rental... well, we binged on The Office. Seriously obsessed with Pam & Jim... and I could not have been more thrilled with the season finale!!! I can't wait for Season 4 to start. I've never had "A" t.v. show to watch before, so this will be a first for me.

Yesterday I stopped by a yard sale, and I got all of this:

for only $15.50!!!
Awesome. It's kinda dark, but it consists of: antique t.v. stand, 2 matching plaques with little hooks, old milk bottle, matching pitcher and... container thing. Really pumped about my purchases! :)

Well, Doug & I are going to head down to "Fall Festival" - a carnival in downtown Plymouth. I'm getting an elephant ear for sure. Tomorrow we're going camping with Kress & Debbie!!

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  1. Good on ya...getting caught up on The Office...I'm glad you love Jim and Pam as much as me! Have fun camping this weekend. Oh, and I love your yardsale purchases!