single digits

The countdown is down to 9 days!

Yesterday was a day of wedding planning bliss: Jayne tried on her bridesmaid dress, which looks SO cute, I had my final dress fitting!!!, I saw both my matrons of honor - Lynz met us at David's to help learn how to bustle me & in the evening I went over to Victoria's where she practiced my wedding makeup, I got to bring the dress home, I bought my wedding jewelry, I got part of Doug's wedding gift, & got some more wedding gifts in the mail. Very exciting day.

Today is finally much cooler than the past couple days. Hopefully the cooler temperature will inspire me to get a lot of cleaning done today! I also checked the 10-day weather, which obviously now includes July 7, and the forecast for that day is "partly cloudy & 80 degrees." I can totally handle that, as long as the rain & thunderstorms for earlier in the week are completely finished!!! PRAY for beautiful weather!!!

Well, the day is young, so I must get to work!

beautiful matrons of honor

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